New Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core DAC from Mytek Audio


Press release | In 2010, Mytek released the first practical DSD USB DAC which made a splash at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2011. Then, at RMAF2015, Mytek launched the acclaimed Brooklyn DAC, the first 3rd party DAC with an MQA decoder. Now, Mytek has begun shipping another first: a new, unique line of Music Streamers with a built-in Roon Core Intel CPU, more powerful than Nucleus+. First, the flagship Empire Streamer, and now the Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core, soon to be followed by the Manhattan Bridge along with a new line of matching GanFET power amps.


Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core

Brooklyn Bridge II is an All-in-One 4,995.00 USD/EUR compact Roon Core Streamer with a stellar DSD/MQA DAC and a complete Analog/Phono and Digital Preamp with a high-end headphone amplifier in a compact, modern beautiful chassis. Paired with a smartphone, it becomes a very easy to set up and use high quality streaming and analog music source. The BBII is intended to be used with Roon software as the primary choice but will also work with other Upnp, Apple Airplay and Bluetooth sources. Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core outperforms all streamers under 5k USD on the market because it can stream all available Upnp content they can, AND it has the Roon Core computer, AND it has far better DAC, AND it has complete analog/digital preamp, AND it has a high-end balance headphone amp AND, thanks to Roon, it is capable of streaming not only to itself but also to multiple other DACs.

For further info: to Mytec Audio website

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