New Keith Monks Prodigy record cleaning machines


Press release | Jonathan Monks, the son of the founder Keith Monks, today announced two new additions to the Prodigy series and updates to the original machine. Prodigy series brings the world's first Threadless point suction cleaners to market. Previous KM machines have used a thread between the suction nozzle and the record. The new system is simpler, easier and more effective.
Prodigy is fitted with a multi-colour lighting system to enhance its in-home appeal further and add another fun element to the cleaning process.

The Prodigy series is Keith Monks most silent machine yet, but all KM RCMs are quiet enough to play a record and enjoy it while cleaning another. Until you have experienced cleaning a pile of records, you will not realise how much difference this makes to the experience. Record cleaning with a noisy machine is hard work and tedious; record cleaning while playing and enjoying records is fun and rewarding.

Keith Monks Prodigy Plus

Prodigy Plus - Retail Price approximately 1695 USD - 1595 EUR - 1295 GBP

  • Enhanced mini natural bamboo Record & Digital Disc Cleaner
  • Adds quieter SmoothFlow pump, ZeroTune, Eco|Roller microfibre washing wand
  • Washes and vacuums dry an LP side in around 2 1/2 minutes
  • Ideal customer DIY cleaning service in small-medium hi-fi or record store

Keith Monks Prodigy Blue Deluxe
Prodigy Blue Deluxe - Retail Price approximately 1995 USD / 1895 EUR / 1595 GBP

  • Deluxe mini bamboo Record & Digital Disc Cleaner
  • Adds SuperSilent pump, ZeroTune, pro discOvery brush, auto shut off
  • Washes and vacuums dry an LP side in around 2 minutes
  • High-end satin blue finish with natural bamboo accents

Keith Monks Prodigy Galileo Deluxe
Prodigy Galileo Deluxe - Retail Price approximately 1995 USD / 1895 EUR / 1595 GBP

  • Deluxe mini bamboo Record & Digital Disc Cleaner
  • Adds SuperSilent pump, ZeroTune, pro discOvery brush, auto shut off
  • Washes and vacuums dry an LP side in around 2 minutes
  • High-end satin white finish with natural bamboo accents

Keith Monks accessories 
The Keith Monks method is a liquid on and liquid off solution guaranteeing no recontamination from previously used fluids. Clean both sides of a vinyl LP in roughly five minutes.
Prodigy can also clean CDs, Blu-Ray Discs, and even computer CDs and Laserdiscs.

There has never been a better time to buy a record cleaning machine. A few years ago, a good RCM would cost two or three thousand pounds, and records were in short supply. Now for 795 GBP, it's possible to buy the Keith Monks Prodigy, which takes all its design cues from the original machines – which are still in use in the British Library and the United States Library of Congress.

New records are everywhere but cost around 20-30 GBP. The key, though, especially for those with old record collections or those rebuilding collections having discarded them when CD came along, is the previously owned market for records. Charity shops, record fairs, and record stores are full of exciting and classic recordings on vinyl, most available at reasonable prices. After an excellent clean most records sound remarkably good.
Remember, top surface scratches and marks rarely affect deep in the groove, where the stylus tracks.
A little bit of searching can reveal some classic value gold.
Jonathan and his father both agreed on two critical issues of record cleaning: Firstly, the machine must clean the record efficiently without over stripping the vinyl of its natural plasticisers. Secondly, the experience must be pleasurable. Jon's new design has stayed faithful to these original vital concepts while adding and enhancing a few of his own.
Cleaning is a simple process of applying discovery fluid and cleaning using the supplied microfibre washing wand – the Eco|Roller. The cleaning fluid is fresh – not reused as most other record cleaning machines – for each record, and the contact with the record during the precision vacuuming process is minimal as the nozzle rides on a wave of cleaning fluid.
Vinyl record sales are growing worldwide. More enthusiasts and younger people are finding or experiencing again that vinyl records deliver music and emotion that many playback systems seem to have missed.
Pre-owned records are a fabulous source of music at often very attractive prices, and here a
record cleaner is ideal for restoring the best performance. Cleaning also improves the performance of new records as it removes the excessive mould release agent frequently left after manufacture.

About Keith Monks Audio Works
The Keith Monks is the Original Record Cleaning Machine: the world's first commercially produced electric device for cleaning gramophone records, initially developed by Keith Monks Audio for BBC engineers in London to meet the exacting standards of radio broadcasting.
Since 1969, experts agree: Keith Monks professional Record Cleaning Machines are the finest solution for the care, restoration and preservation of all sizes, all types and all generations of commercially made recorded discs: 7" 10" 12" and 16" transcriptions, vinyl LP records - self-adjusts for both standard and heavier audiophile pressings, 45rpm singles and shellac discs - 78s as well as rare, early, unusual and valuable records such as acetates, lacquers, laminated and vulcanite discs.
The same process is world-famous for enhancing and enriching the sound quality, even on brand new discs, rather than merely removing the distracting surface noise.
The original design principles have stood the test of time, and through all its improvements over the years, a Keith Monks remains true to its original concept: the most successful way to clean records.
When used with the new Keith Monks discOvery ™ Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluids, records can be transformed into a true collector's piece – restored, revitalised and, with continued care, preserved for life.

For further info: to Keith Monks products' website

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