New Kepler turntable and Raptor-Z tonearm from Funk Firm


Press release | Innovative, out of the box thinking. Arthur Khoubesserian from Funk Firm presents a statement turntable and arm: Kepler and Raptor-Z, where “Z” tends towards Zero. Kepler and Raptor-Z’s radical styling is more in keeping with some of the best architecture than Hi-Fi. Make no mistake this is innovative, state of the art thinking with one aim: to deliver on a 40-year quest and get as close to the Master Tape Sound as possible. NO other transcription device, irrespective of price succeeds this well, nor comes this close to this absolute goal.

Funk Firm Kepler turntable
Johannes Kepler. He discovered planetary motion – planets going around the sun. Three circling “Moons” then might seem the obvious origin to the name. Yes, but there’s more than meets the eye. So, what makes Funk Firm's Kepler special?


Planetary motion - Have you ever tried using three arms on one turntable? Even a contortionist would object. Well, this problem exists no more. Now the name “Kepler” is seen as truly apt.
The entire top section – The drive, the three arms, and the suspension – all rotate to bring the chosen arm into comfortable usage!

Speed stability and accuracy - Our reference is THE Master Tape. We’ve listened and so too have others, and when, on a carefully setup blind A-B, you can’t tell speed differences, technology has delivered performance levels beyond our hearing. Once measurements continue below what one can hear, they become a quest for numbers that are meaningless in the real world. But people still argue: Which is best belt or direct drive? Which handles the “micro dynamics” or the LF weight or…? The problem in establishing a relevant opinion is that these arguments exist on separate platforms. Kepler dispenses with that argument by being able to swap between belt drive or Direct drive.

Suspension - Housed in Kepler’s “Moons” is a novel suspension system, like that found in Funk Firm Houdini. Described as 4-pi and with a “virtual anchor”, it is unusual in its ability to isolate equally in all directions, with stability. Just what one needs in a suspension.

The record - Maximum support for records is via a vacuum hold-down using Achromat with its unparalleled energy dissipation for support. You can’t get better.

The tower of strength - The elegant, compact multi-layered structure owes its existence to the aircraft industry. It is a very rigid support for the drive, platter and arms.

Funk Firm Raptor-Z tonearm
For 100 years, the arm, which carries our signal generator, our highly sensitive micro-seismograph or cartridge, has been the weakest link in the audio reproduction chain. This is how Raptor-Z solves all those issues.

Zero Tracking error - Using very low tension, the cartridge rotates compensating perfectly across the disc with vanishingly low levels of tracking error.
Precision micro-miniature races all requiring watch-maker levels of precision to assemble.

Zero Resonance - Employing a very thin wall, Funk’s F.X construction has evolved. It now employs complex, random, internal energy dissipating pathways to cover the entire audio spectrum. Raptor-Zs beam exhibits less than 1dB resonance and when auctioned it is completely in audible.

Zero Feedback - The more perfect the arm, which Raptor-Z can claim, the better it becomes at transmitting eternal energy to the cartridge. Raptor-Z has uniquely been designed to reject such unwanted signals at source.

The blacker the background, the more the colours come through: combining all three, Raptor-Z is sonically as black as can be conceived making it a perfect support as it passively transports the cartridge across the record.

Funk Firm Houdini II

In its short life, Houdini has led the way to constraining the cartridge. With an arm as good as Raptor-Z, the requirements now alter and Houdini II’s parameters have been specifically re-calculated and tuned for Raptor-Z, allowing for a further defining of the envelope and a truer approximation to “The Record Cutter in Reverse”.


Kepler and Raptor-Z are clever: naturally they’re patent protected but with five patents!


For further info: to Funk Firm website

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