New KingSound KS-Super 2 supertweeter


Press release | We have spent more than two years researching a super tweeter, adding bricks and tiles to those traditional speakers around the world and creating a greater sense of space, realistic sound. The overall coordination is more perfect and pleasant to the ear which will definitely bring a surprise to Hi-Fi audio enthusiasts.


Our electrostatic super tweeter is designed with 4 adjustable access points – 8kHz, 10kHz, 12kHz, 14kHz – and 4 adjustable sensitivity access points – 90dB, 93dB, 96dB, 99dB – so it can be connected and configured with various types of speakers to create better acoustics.
The video at the beginning of our press release gives a detailed introduction and three subtitles – English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese – can be selected on setting during video playback.


Download the KingSound KS-Super 2 user manual here.


For further info: to the King’s Audio website

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