New Lavoce Italiana BF10.10LA compression tweeter


Press release | Lavoce Italiana, the transducer company with a 35year heritage of designing and manufacturing HF/LF professional loudspeaker transducers, presented BF10.10LA, their first entry into the compression tweeter category.

Including a compact integral horn, BF10.10LA is a ferrite magnet compression tweeter designed as a simple solution for adding projecting high frequency to a multi-way sound system design using one or multiple devices, or as the HF section for a professional bass guitar cabinet or combo.

BF10.10LA employs a one-piece aluminium diaphragm and surround with a 1” copper-clad aluminium voice coil on a Kapton former and offers a 20W AES Power rating, 106dB Sensitivity and a Frequency range of 2500-18000Hz with a 5000Hz recommended crossover point.

Lavoce Italiana BF10.10LA


Like all Lavoce Next Generation high frequency devices, BF10.10LA has been designed and optimized by their R&D team in Potenza Picena, Italy, using their own proprietary FEA software applications to produce an accurate device with low distortion and a linear frequency response, delivering a consistent and impressive performance every time.

Kevin Shove, International Sales Director, comments: "Lavoce is well-known for supplying premium HF and LF solutions to leading pro audio brands and of course the BF10.10LA offers another competitive solution in our range, but a lesser-known fact is that we are also one of the biggest suppliers of bass guitar speakers and this driver is also a convenient and robust solution for adding professional HF to a professional bass guitar cabinet or combo".

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About Lavoce Italiana
Lavoce Italiana designs and manufactures industry leading HF and LF transducers for professional audio and MI manufacturers and distributors. Its global R&D center is located in Potenza Picena, Italy, and all products are manufactured at their wholly owned state-of-the-art production plant in Jiashan, China.

For further info: to Lavoce Italiana website

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