New Thuono Audio TH10 and TH12 tonearms


Press release | Both the horizontal and vertical joints of the TH10 and TH12 tonearms have high precision ball bearings. They have been selected based on their degree of smoothness and manually checked one by one. They are inserted inside mechanical components with extremely low degrees of dimensional tolerance, in order to ensure maximum insertion precision and avoid any type of slackness or compression. The great care taken with the bearings and their housing is one of the main factors that allows the tonearm to move freely and read even the most subtle nuances of sound. The bearing articulation system, combined with a very rigid and high precision mechanical structure, also guarantees the arm less deterioration over time and greater robustness.

The materials that make up the TH10 and TH12 tonearms have been carefully selected not only for their mechanical properties, but also based on their timbral characteristics. Although the cartridge works with extremely low masses, its fast vibrations can create resonances which turn into micro-undulations of the tonearm, and these can interfere with the clarity of the sound. For this reason, the tubes of the TH10 and TH12 tonearms are composed of a combination of five materials which contribute to the tonal balance and serve to reduce the resonances coming from the head to the absolute minimum during the playing of the record. Externally the carbon rod is strengthened by an aluminium sleeve, while internally the arm is composed of a titanium tube which further reinforces the structure allowing a cleaner sound with greater dynamics. Furthermore, brass and ebony details are included which contribute to the timbral improvement of the sound. The cables inside the tonearm were carefully selected following several listening tests and analysis of their technical properties. They are extremely flexible OCC pure copper Litz cables and have a very low dielectric loss. They have also undergone Deep Cryo Treatment.


Thuono Audio TH10 - TH12

Great attention was paid to the development of the counterweight as it is a fundamental component for providing optimal sound. In fact, an unsuitable counterweight could transmit the resonances coming from the cartridge, causing a deterioration in sound quality. For this reason, the counterweight of the TH10 and TH12 tonearms, through its combination of materials, including brass and other insulating metals, achieves maximum damping of vibrations while remaining extremely integrated with the tonearm barrel so as not to lose dynamics when listening. Its weight and size have been carefully studied to guarantee the ideal geometry for the perfect equilibrium of mechanical balances.

The headshell of the TH10 and TH12 tonearms has been designed to allow the adjustment of the cartridge on the horizontal plane (Azimuth) in order to keep it perfectly perpendicular to the groove. Slight corrections are also possible with respect to the distance of the stylus from the centre of the record (overhang); Furthermore, it is possible to easily adjust the height of the tonearm (VTA). Both TH10 and TH12 were designed to give their maximum tonal performance with Thuono Audio turntables and cartridges. However, a universal support is supplied which allows their use in many different set-ups.


Thuono Audio TH10 - TH12

Technical features
Total lenght (a): TH10 291 mm - TH12 365 mm
Pivot-stylus distance (b): TH10 293,3 mm - TH12 308,8 mm
Offset angle (c): TH10 23° - TH12 18°
VTA range (d): TH10 55 mm - TH12 55 mm
Mounting hole diameter (e): TH10 30 mm - TH12 30 mm
Mounting distance (tonearm pivot to spindle): TH10 220 mm - TH12 295,6 mm
Overhang: TH10 17,3 mm - TH12 13,2 mm
Stylus force range: TH10 From 1,5g a 3g - TH12 From 1,5 a 3g
Weight: TH10 900 g - TH12 1000 g
Connectors: TH10 DIN plug - TH12 DIN plug
Anti-skating system: TH10 counterweight - TH12 counterweight
Wiring: TH10 Pure OCC copper - TH12 Pure OCC copper
Supplied electrical weight scale: TH10 Yes - TH12 Yes
Supplied universal support: TH10 Yes - TH12 Yes

For further info: to Thuono Audio website

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