New Triangle AIO 3 2022 Edition


Press release | The new 2022 AIO 3 edition is offering several software improvements and featuring four new trendy finishes: Powder Pink, Frosted White, Green Forest and Red Ocher.
Get the latest AIO app features including a new EQ feature, Amazon Music streaming platform integration and OTA-certified “Over The Air” automatic updates.
Whether you want it to blend in with the décor or add style to your interiors, the new version of the AIO 3 will be the perfect choice for your home, allowing you to enjoy your music in high-resolution effortlessly.

Triangle partners with the brand Gabriel to offer a beautiful selection of colorful and textured finishes to its speakers:

  • Trendy Green Forest - This green shade is very elegant and creates a rich texture. The Green Forest AIO 3 will bring contrast in light-colored environments and match perfectly with brass, gold and white.
  • Trendy Red Ocher - This bold Red Ocher will appeal to the eye with its distinctive look and make the AIO 3 stand out in your interior. It will add warmth to the atmosphere while bringing a touch of creativity.
  • Trendy Powder Pink - The naturally luminous Powder Pink will offer a more feminine, relaxing, and harmonious note in all types of rooms.
  • Trendy Frost White - You will appreciate the mysterious shade of Frost White which reveals a nuanced color changing with the light. This color will appeal to you with its softness and timeless sobriety.

Improvements and software updates

EQ - A new EQ feature is now available on the Triangle AIO app. You will be able to adjust the bass and treble of all the AIO speakers connected to the networks, directly from your phone. Set the depth and accuracy of the treble to suit your mood and the acoustics of your room and fully enjoy your music.

Amazon Music - Is now integrated into the AIO app, thus expanding the range of supported streaming platforms. In addition to Deezer, Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz and TuneIn, Amazon Music now completes the wireless and HD music streaming catalog.
OTA Update - The AIO 3 2022 Edition* integrates OTA-certified “Over The Air” automatic updates. It allows you to implement the latest features and patches of the AIO app automatically and easily without manipulation.

Owners of older generation speakers can also access this update via a simple and quick process, detailed on PDF here.

Discover Triangle AIO universe here.

For further info: to Triangle website

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