New Triangle Borea Active loudspeakers


Press release | The beginning of 2022 continues to be rich in Events and New developments for our Triangle Acoustic Manufacture. We’re happy to announce the arrival of the new generation of hif-fi connected speakers: Borea Active series.


Building on the global success of the Borea series, we wanted to offer the same level of quality through an all-in-one, high-performance solution that is always on trend.



Triangle Borea Active loudspeakers


Triangle Borea Active loudspeakers


Triangle Borea Active loudspeakers


Triangle Borea Active loudspeakers


The Triangle Borea Active loudspeakers key points:

  • Stereo speakers with integrated amplifiers  
  • BR02 BT at 499,00 EUR compact and versatile
  • BR03 BT at 599,00 EUR powerful with a lot of impact in the bass
  • 5 retro-chic colors
  • HD Streaming - Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth APTX HD codec, 24 bits/48 kHz resolution
  • Built-in MM phono preamplifier plus a turntable developed by Pro-Ject available this summer for ready-to-listen sets
  • Home Cinema - SPDIF and coaxial optical input for television and a Sub output for the Subwoofer
  • High Fidelity construction - wood cabinetry and Triangle loudspeaker technology with EFS tweeter and natural cellulose pulp loudspeakers

Download the full presentation here.

For further info: to Triangle website

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