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News and Events | Press Releases of 2024
News and Events

King's Audio launched its ultimate super electrostatic tweeter.

News and Events

Available from stock and distributed in the UK by Black Rhodium.

News and Events

Tickets are available at

News and Events

Acoustic quartet led by guitarist/vocalist Andrew Sturtz plays a melodic set of original Americana music featuring guitar, banjo, cello and bass, recorded in high-resolution Pure DSD sound.

News and Events

Discover the most powerful Roon Core and Upnp Streamer on the market today.

News and Events

Follow-up model of the original Model C in an unique open dipole loudspeaker design.

News and Events

Keyboardist/composer Amend and his group perform a richly varied jazz set in an intimate live setting, in pure DSD 256 high-resolution sound.

News and Events

We've been envisioning this model for a very long time.

News and Events

High-quality sound enjoyment is set to conquer the metropolises of Zurich and Vienna this Autumn.

News and Events

New no-cost OS upgrade provides a significant improvement in sound quality.

News and Events

An All-in-One compact Roon Core Streamer with a stellar DSD/MQA DAC, a complete Analog/Phono and Digital Preamp with a high-end headphone amplifier.


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