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Atypical, daring, inconstant and unsettled, Eunice Kathleen Waymon, in art Nina Simone, has been one of the greatest musical talent of the past century. As great as different, hers has been a realm without flag, although among the brighter ones. The musical chronicles often abuse the world "myth" and, frequently, to feed the charm, commercial interests and generational trends intervene. But also under this aspect she has been different, deeply different.

Of her discography, widely available both in shelf and on the web, we would not exclude any title, but in this occasion, we want to mention one in particular, maybe not so easy to find and for sure not the most celebrated, however unusual and very interesting. The CD is simply named The Rising Sun Collection – Nina Simone, and it has been recorded in occasion of the concert held on the18th July 1980 at the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier of the Place Des Arts in Montreal. Together with her are only Tony Armstrong on double bass, Lucky Wedgestone on drum set and Hannibal on flute. There are only seven tracks, but it is in the simple intimacy of this performance that it is possible to get here better than elsewhere the extraordinary intensity of this great and strange artist. To find it just go on the websites of Just A Memory Records or Enja Records.



Nina Simone

The Rising Sun Collection

Just A Memory Records


Total Time 34’36’’


by Antonello
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