Omega Audio Concepts Pico extra interconnect and digital cables


Omega Audio Concepts is an Italian manufacturer based in the northeast of the country. We start here a trip in these regions, where you can meet many audio enthusiasts bound for independence and autonomy, both in thought and in creations. We start with Omega Audio Concepts to get to Audiosophia by Max Micelli, passing by our friend Gianfranco Pellas, known some time ago for the brand Ikarus Audio.


The cables object of this review are part of the Elements series and paradigmatic examples of the Omega Audio Concepts’ production, from here on, OAC. Unsatisfied as many other people with the absurd relation quality/price of many devices and components available on the market, the owner and designer Renato Filippini, has designed and realized a series of devices characterized by a scientific and hardliner approach. Without compromises. Their targets, I quote from their website, are the theoretic limit and the space time event, pursued trough “the research on the materials and on the techniques to apply such concepts to all the components of an audio system: structures (containers and supports), circuitries and components”. From the cables to the loudspeakers, from the CD players to the integrated amplifiers, OAC’s “puristic” approach displays only in essential and solid-state circuitries (in fact they think that the tube devices somehow undermine the linearity of the signal, and this is unacceptable), in deaf and massive cabinets (to avoid that anything else “plays” except the signal), in very light mobile equipment (arranged in original but not bizarre configurations following the acoustic rules). I think that a mobile equipment, an acoustic diaphragm, must be rigid but intrinsically light. Inertia and mass are not disputed physical concepts…  


The question will take too much time, although highly interesting. I hope to have, as soon as possible, the chance to listen again to a complete OAC system, as happened some years ago when I was literally “struck” by it.


The designing philosophy of the OAC Pico extra interconnect and digital cables shows a solid manufacture. The cable section is generous with a multi-filar solid core. The cable is quite stiff and heavy and tends to “drag” the devices. A metallic cylinder, at about half-length of the cable, reports the name. I have not been told if its function is to equalize (electrically) the signal or to damp (mechanically) the vibrations. The weld joints of the connectors are isolated with a kind of hot glue. I personally like the colour of the external sheath, as well as the solid beauty of the finish. With the white velvet and the red package, it is like a pastry-making product rather than Hi-Fi. Yum!


The website does not give many info. Since my profession is advertising and communication, I have even offer them my expertise. The OAC cable production has five patented levels and propriety treatments: DNA in copper, PICO extra in copper, NANO extra in silver-plated copper, MICRO extra in silver, and THE ELEMENT series, made on demand with a current estimate of the silver quotation.


In the listening test, the Pico Extra have shown a neutral but not dry approach, clean but rich, bodied but peppy. I think that their main feature is the so-called “inter-instrumental silence”. They are among the darkest cables BETWEEN the instruments, making think that the goal of NOT inducing colour or spurious sounds has been achieved. I would like to test a complete set of OAC cables because, and I recall here how we test the cables, my idea is to consider the best productions of the sector as coherent “families”, which offer and assure certain results to the system instead of using them to correct faults or to add salt to the systems.  


A last consideration. Starting with the cables, you have to exploit the OAC products. Here and now. The company and their products are in the “launch” phase when is paramount to introduce themselves in the best way without taking care of the real costs. If you buy a cable at only a double price of its real production cost, well it is a bargain, a good deal. And currently that happens with the products of Omega Audio Concepts.



For further info: to Omega Audio Concepts website

by Giuseppe
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