Panasonic FM electrolytic capacitors and more


Press release | The Panasonic FM series is produced as an affordable but excellent-performing electrolytic capacitor. Featuring notably both a low ESR and low impedance with radial leadouts. Made from aluminium with a black body and gold markings. Specifically designed for applications where high temperature, long life, low ESR, low impedance, and a high ripple current are required. Excellent for signal or bypass use.


Elekit Single Stereo Power Amplifier Kit
The Elekit Single Stereo Power Amplifier Kit is a very compact single stereo power amplifier kit featuring one PCL86 (14GW8) for each channel, which is a rugged pentode/triode valve. A low cost but easy to assemble amp that excellent starting point for people who are keen to build some valve equipment.


Glasshouse Interconnect Cable No.15
The Glasshouse Interconnect Cable No.15 is inspired by Duelund's excellent offerings. The Duelund wire and RCA connectors go hand-in-hand to create a beautifully sounding interconnect cable with the excellent detail you'd come to expect from Duelund. This is a screened cable to keep the noise floor down to a minimum.


For further info: to HiFi Collective website

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