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Press Release | Gold Note, formerly Goldenote, well know High-End audio company based in Florence, Italy, was going to the end of 2012 with a +35% financial turn over during the last two years: +20% compared to the 2010 and +15% on the 2011 (to precisely determine yet).


Gold Note celebrate twenty years in the business with a small important refresh of the name and a new logo, revised as a natural evolution of the historical one. Together with the new logo Gold Note introduced a new advertising payoff explaining more properly the legacy with its land representing unquestionably “The Renaissance of Technology”.


All over the twenty years of activity Gold Note have been designed high quality audio components mindmade and handmade in Florence, Tuscany, Italy. The 100% made in Italy production is part of the core business of the company that during the years built a highly professional team of engineers and designers researching and innovating since the very first beginning, introducing items such as the Midas tube resonator, the Kymyas, a revolutionary vinyl treatment cleans and recovers the lacquers from scratches but even the Cable Freezer, inspired to the super-conductor developed by Heike Kamerlingh in the 1911.


More recently, Gold Note introduced high sensitivity sealed speakers featuring own made drivers and extra lighted cabinets covered by leather and three lines of electronic audio components the Micro, the Classic and the Diamond, rating from Top entry to ultra-high-end audio levels.


Gold Note, the audiophile brand of the Akamai Group, is actually one of the 50 best companies in the high-end audio world, having received over 250 test reviews all around the international press. Besides Gold Note is the only Italian audio manufacturer featuring high quality fully integrated vertical production covers Electronics, Speakers and Accessories but even being an O.E.M. suppliers for other distinguish audio manufacturers looking for the best.


In the last year Gold Note strongly re-launched its brand in the Italian audio market still representing the fifth most important worldwide for sales turn over (Data Source: Nielsen).



For further information: to Gold Note website

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