PureAudioProject at T.H.E. Show in Newport


Press release | Dear Friends, we welcome you and hope to have you with us at T.H.E. Show (Room 302) and here is a short overview of what we will be showing.

  • Stellar12, a reference open baffle speaker designed together with industry leader Morel from Israel. No compromises whatsoever, technology, construction or costs, were taken during the design process of this unique model.
  • The Trio15 Voxativ and Trio15 A5000 are newly released models that present top-end configurations of our Trio15 modular open baffle platform. These models are upgrades of our raved Trio15TB model, that was also awarded numerous times as 'Best in Show' during the last two years.
  • Trio15 Voxativ features one of world’s best and probably ‘gold standard’ full range driver from Voxativ Germany, while the Trio15 A5000 allows music and audio fans to experience the magic of Field Coil at it’s best with WVL A5000 full range field coil driver designed and handcrafted by Wolf von Langa in Germany.
  • Both configurations, Trio15 Voxativ and Trio15 A5000 are interchangeable and reside on the same open baffle chassis that features the Trio15 Aluminium Frame, the OB-A15NEO* woofers and our adjustable Leonidas Crossover.
  • Both configurations differ only by the full range driver and the Leonidas Crossover components. At T.H.E. Show we will be swapping between the two configurations, live, on spot.
  • Amplifiers are: Ampzilla 2nd Edition mono blocks and Son of Ampzilla II  by SST Audio, and all cables (power, interconnects and speakers) are by

(*) - OB-A15NEO woofers are Eminence upgrade to high-end of their legendary Alpha15 driver, and were designed exclusively for PureAudioProject and Open Baffle.

We look forward to see you among our visitors!



For more info: to PureAudioProject website

For contact: write here

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