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A musician still to understand in all his greatness, Robert Lee Burnside (Oxford, Mississippi, 1929 - Memphis, 2005), till very late in life used to work as a peasant, but at the beginning of the 90’s, after previous occasional issues, he truly started to record. He literally shattered and desecrated the ultra traditional structure of the blues and transformed the classical rhythmic typology into a repetitive circularity made of hypnotic riffs. The outcome was a different kind of "blues" never heard before. More than an innovator, Burnside has been, most probably, somehow different from the other musicians. He felt the music that way, amusing himself with childish irreverence, at full blast and with saturate and distorted sounds. His discography barely counts a dozen of works, all very interesting, and all to be downloaded: Too Bad Jim, A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey, Acoustic Stories, Mr. Wizard, Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down. Maybe you can start downloading this Come on in, and listening to the track No. 3, the extraordinary Let My Baby Ride.

R.L. Burnside

Come on in

Fat Possum Records/Epitaph


Total Time 43’03’’



by Antonello
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