Raffaello Pareti | The Roar At The Door

Hidden Masterpieces

Recorded at the prestigious Artesuono Studios by Stefano Amerio, the CD sees the jazz quartet led by the double-bassist Raffaello Pareti with Francesco Bearzatti (tenor saxophone and clarinet), Mauro Ottolini (trombone and baritone horn) and Walter Paoli (drums), to get the grips with nine original compositions all signed by the leader.

In addition to the extraordinary quality of the recording, which is for presence, definition, body and harmonic completeness an accomplishment, the work impresses for the refinement in the writing, played between thought and improvisation and the astonishing interplay among the musicians during their performance. As a whole, the outcome is one of the best albums of the year in the Italian jazz panorama and not only.


Raffaello Pareti
The Roar At The Door
Artesuono / Suono Records
Total Time 46:06

by Antonello
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