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HighResAudio recently launched its own high- resolution 24-bit subscription streaming service called HRA-Streaming: you can enjoy their official press release here.


HighResAudio was already well known as a music store with exclusively high-resolution downloads of recordings with the highest possible sampling rate, covering all types of music genres. Just eight years old, HighResAudio has already been able to archive and make available for downloading an impressive music catalogue of very high quality and selected new recordings and analogue-to-digital re-masters.


Hence now is the right time to ask about his HRA-Streaming service to Mr. Lothar Kerestedjian, CEO and owner HighResAudio, the Holy Protector of high-res music.


Lothar Kerestedjian, the Holy Protector of high-res music


Question: Hi Lothar, let’s start with something general about your approach to the Hi-Res “immaterial” sources, what do you need to create them?

Lothar Kerestedjian: We need to be masters of our craftsmanship and we take great pride in what we do and have to offer. Every single day and with every single note. We understand the art of unadulterated sound reproduction, the basis for a unique sound beauty. With in-depth understanding of music preparation and reproduction a fascinating sound space is created. Digital music data is prepared in such way, loudspeakers and headphones are driven to their best and emotions are set free.

Our goal is to make music sound as emotional and moving as possible, without limitations, without boundaries. We are driven by the same high ending demanding like aficionados of vinyl insist to be attributed to this analogic medium exclusively, but at a level of what is technically feasible today. That’s why we are better than the vinyl record in all disciplines. There is nothing better to hear music.

Choosing and delivering high-quality music data in pristine quality requires decades of experience, in-depth musical understanding and the skilful use of world-class audio technology. Our HRA-crew therefore consists of sound engineers with many years of professional experience. They are music lover individuals who care about the music itself as well as their transmission into digital high-resolution music data. Delivered to the customer in the highest possible quality.


Question: In few words what is HRA-Streaming?

LK: HRA-Streaming is a commercial-free, audiophile and high-resolution music streaming service in exclusively 24-bit Hi-Res audio supplemented by extensive editorial expertise of experienced and well-known German music journalists. HRA-Streaming grants access to the entire music archive of over 30,000 handpicked and carefully selected albums from the HighResAudio platform. On average, over 100 albums are added each week to our archive. We offer you two HRA-Streaming option: HRA- Streaming and HRA-Streaming + Album Download at a permanent discount rate.


Question: You have a limited catalogue of albums / tracks. Can you compete with the mainstream streaming providers?

LK: What do you want 50 million tracks for? Wouldn't it be much better to have a dedicated audiophile music service that caters for your needs, offering the right Genres, HiResAudio, fully tested, analyzed and verified with money back guarantee. Every album with an album description, biography and artist picture, a booklet and reviews. Well, than you don't need to look any further: Many people don't have much spare time in the week to listen to music on their stereo system at home. Offering and finding music without wasting much time they like and prefer in the best sounding quality is what they are looking for. HighResAudio fills exactly this niche in the music market. With averaging 100 new albums per week over a year, you'll certainly find plenty of music to fill your life.


Question: That probably means a strictly cooperation with the best names of the Hi-Fi brands.

LK: Yes, already in the early days we recognized the need to integrate our service into audio devices. The advantage: you can conveniently download and stream music data without using an external computer. Meanwhile many manufacturers of audio devices have integrated our original concept into their devices, such as Burmester, NAD, Bluesound, AURALiC, Cocktail Audio, Phonosophie, x-odos, HiFi Akademie and many more. Audio devices from these manufacturers allow the convenient access to our download and streaming services. Check it out: it’s truly a great experience!


Question: It seems that HRA has been innovative and a sort of pioneers too.

LK: In early 2009 we have initiated and created a unique and new tier in the music industry for discerning listeners that demand truly the best possible sound reproduction from a non-physical medium. We were successful positioning ourselves in a hitherto unoccupied niche in the music industry.

Over the years, contrary to the trend in music business, we have demonstrated that there is a market and audience for a media-free digital product away from Apple & Co. For the manufacturers of audio equipment, inflamed by our initiative and our business model, a new and exciting market emerged. Given the reason to develop and manufacture new audio products. The readiness of these manufacturers opened the way for us from the niche into the mainstream market. There, our innovative business model now bears the most beautiful fruit for discerning listeners.


Question: Let’s come back to your HRA-Streaming service talking about 24bit FLAC decoder and P-MQS.

LK: We are proud of our own R&D department, whose goal is to develop and deliver the best quality digital music to our customers. One of these means is embodied in a High-bit FLAC decoder that allows digital music data to be transmitted to the customer without loss or corruption. Music will be enjoyed at the client’s sound environment in outstanding vibrancy, transparency and spaciousness. We also owe a breakthrough innovation to our R&D department for streaming music digitally in excellence to the customer. The magic word is P-MQS - Pure Master Quality Sound. The basis of an innovation, which sets new standards in the world of music reproduction and distribution, is our High-bit FLAC format. With P-MQS our customers receive in a unique way via streaming the digital production quality from the recording studio. Authentic, native and 100% original, just as the artist and producer created their work.


Question: You offer also an editorial service.

LK: For each album we provide extensive editorial contributions as well as access to the booklet, if available, to biographies and to photos of the artists. Professional reviews of selected albums are available on a weekly basis.


Question: Thematic playlists are an important plus of your service.

LK: Playlists are the format in which we listen to our music these days. Creating good playlists is an art in itself, so we do not leave it to chance. It is important to us that our customers have access to carefully and competently compiled playlists. This is why renowned music journalists, editors and musicians create new playlists every week.


Question: Can I import playlists from other streaming services?

LK: No, currently you cannot import playlists of third-party services, such as from Playlists are currently created exclusively by our editors. Many albums and tracks do not exist in 24-bit. Therefore, playlists from other providers cannot be imported.


Question: “Custom” is the magic word for service to the final customer today, what about you personal user-profile?

LK: Throughout a filter in the HRA-Streaming App the content of our streaming service can be customized to your personal music needs and requirements. When registering and subscribing, we ask for gender, age, preferred artists, genres and moods. This user-profile is saved and the filter, which may be switched on and off in HRA-Streaming App, will change the content of the streaming service as desired. In the HRA account settings, the filter can be altered and saved at any time.


Question: Can I test HRA-Streaming for free?

LK: Yes, you can! Try our HRA-Streaming service free of charge for 7 days, provided when you sign up. Meanwhile, you can cancel your account at any time. We do hope that you’ll like your service and will sign up for 12 months subscription.


Question: In which countries is HRA-Streaming currently available?

LK: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Croatia, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Norway, Switzerland.


Question: Which payment methods are available?

LK: Payment is possible via VISA, MasterCard and PayPal.


Question: On which devices can I use HRA-Streaming?

LK: HRA-Streaming currently works on Mac and Windows desktop computers as well as on network players of selected partner manufacturers. You can soon also find HRA-Streaming in the software players of Audirvana, ROON and Amarra. Mobile support on iOS and Android for smartphones / tablets is currently under development and will be available for free later this year.


Question: Do I need an Internet connection?

LK: Yes, HRA-Streaming requires a fast and stable Internet connection. At least 16 Mbit/s net or higher are required. A fixed cabling with your router / home network is absolutely necessary for the playback of high-resolution audio files. WiFi, Bluetooth or aptX-HD do not offer enough bandwidth to support the playback of high-resolution audio files.


Question: Why a desktop app program for Windows and Mac?

LK: We have developed a native desktop app for the operating systems of Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOSX. The HRA-Streaming App is necessary to render the 24-bit FLAC files up to 192kHz, 24bit lossless and unadulterated. Important: in the settings of the HRA-Streaming App, the sound output of the receiving playback device e.g. if you use a D/A converter via USB output needs be selected and assigned. The HRA-Streaming App needs to be downloaded and installed from our homepage. Click on the download button and follow the instructions for downloading and installing the app.


Question: Why no web-browser support?

LK: None of the common web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari supports playback of 24-bit FLAC files.


Question: Is mobile usage currently supported by HRA-Streaming?

LK: An Apple iOS and Android app are under development and will be available for free later in 2018.


Question: Does HRA-Streaming work with mobile bandwidth?

LK: HRA-Streaming only works with LTE networks. We do recommend using the offline mode in the apps to ensure uninterrupted playback, not yet available.


Question: How can I stop my subscription?

LK: You can cancel your subscription at any time on our HRA homepage. The minimum subscription term is 6 months. See on our website My Account > HRA-Streaming.


Question: What I get more with a Premium subscription?

LK: As a Premium HRA-Streaming subscriber you'll receive attractive special conditions, if you want to buy an album and download to own it. The terms and conditions vary depending upon the licensor. We can grant you maximum up to 30%. We cannot offer you a further discount, for example if a promotion or discount campaign are running on the HRA Download Shop. These further discounts are then not available to you: thank you for your understanding.


Question: Finally why should I choose HRA-Streaming?

LK: Opt for HRA-Streaming because you want to listen to music genuinely natively and experience a totally unique sound experience. We want to be a service that serves both, the user and artists, bringing them closer to each other. Enjoy playlists curated by music journalists as well as articles and reviews exclusive to HRA-Streaming.



For further info: to HighResAudio website

For contact: write here


HighResAudio‚éĘThe sound of music

Lothar Kerestedjian

Waldenserstrasse 2-4, Gebäude D, 2. Stock D-10551 Berlin-Tiergarten, Germany

Phone +49 30 55878326

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