Rob Eberhard Young | Sticks & Stones

Hidden Masterpieces

Published in 1996, the rather mysterious Stick & Stones was at once very hard to find. When released, Young was quite unknown and the images out-of-focus, therefore unrecognizable, that appeared on the booklet, didn’t show him and even later it had been difficult to find out something more about him. From a musical point of view, this is a guitar soloist work, often supported by the Michael Manring’s fretless bass and by other brief and occasional incursions, remotely related to new age. But it’s the alienating and obsessive character of the compositions, apparently more close in the form to circular improvisations, that conveys the style and the outcome towards different territories, which are enlighten by a sort of inner journey. At an international level, after this realization, we have lost track of the author. What has been left is this Sticks & Stones, like a meteor, with its captivating and indefinable trail.


Rob Eberhard Young
Sticks & Stones
Imaginary Road / Polygram Records
Total Time 73:55

by Antonello
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