Roberta Sdolfo | Il lato jazz del cuore

Younk and Kicking

In the cover notes, Paolo Piangiarelli, producer of the CD for the Philology label, affirms in no uncertain terms: “Let me tell you that I have never met before a so beautiful voice, fitted with everything a jazz voice must have and, therefore, a so talented jazz singer …”. Certainly this statement is biased, but it is true and fully sharable. The work is excellent indeed and the name of Roberta Sdolfo can be associated to the work and names of the few lucky jazz talents. The singer, on the Milanese jazz scene from several years, shows up in this first record appointment supported by an elegant trio with Alberto Bonacasa on piano, Gianluca Alberti on double bass and Roberto Paglieri on drums. Besides, also Giampiero Spina, the great Massimo Minardi on guitar, Vittorio Sicbaldi on drums, and Tullio Ricci on sax, perform in some tracks. What immediately strikes of Roberta is her warm and expressive voice also in the parlato parts introducing the tracks, but mostly her naturalness in the most demanding moments where she uses it fearless. And this is a prerogative only of the great singers with a successful career behind them. The list of songs, featuring mostly standards (Ruby My Dear, Bye Bye Blackbird, Honeysuckle Rose, but also the funny Ma che bontà and Ma chi è quello lì by Mina and Ba Ba Baciami Piccina), do not seem something well-worn and this is not so easy to obtain. The splendid sound reprise, without any detachable artifice, is always soft and natural and gives a final valuable touch to a CD that is excellent under any aspect.


Roberta Sdolfo

Il lato jazz del cuore



Total Time 53’26’’


by Antonello
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