Roberto Murolo | Napoletana - Antologia della canzone partenopea

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A collection that counts more than fifty songs in four double CD sets, to retrace through the voice of the great Roberto Murolo the entire story of the melodic Canzone Napoletana (Neapolitan song): probably the highest expression in the history of the Italian folk music. Even if it’s only a selection, the overall work with its complete repertory and interpretative suavity, reaches the uppermost historical and artistic value and has to be considered fundamental and unique in its genre. Starting from the Canto delle lavandaie del Vomero (1200), the plentiful anthology proposes all the famous tracks of the Neapolitan songbook, like La nova gelosia, Fenesta vascia, Fenesta ca lucive, O sole mio, Reginella, Torna a Surriento, to get to the ‘60s with Resta cu mme by Domenico Modugno. Of Roberto Murolo, in this work accompanied only by Eduardo Caliendo’s guitar, we can say briefly that he was a bit like Billie Holiday, no extension, but with an intonation, a voice and an interpretation which make of him, indisputably, the best modern performer of the Canzone Napoletana. There are two versions of this work: one originally issued by BMG Ricordi, unfortunately no more on sale, with the original Neapolitan lyrics and the Italian translation, photos and notes about the authors, and another version, reissued in 2009 by Sony in a softback edition, with only the title and the author.


Roberto Murolo

Napoletana - Antologia della canzone partenopea, vol.1-2-3-4

Sony Music

8 CD

Total Time 483’27’’


by Antonello
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