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Hidden Masterpieces

Roger Waters’ first important issue after having left the Pink Floyd, Amused To Death was realized when the name of the former group as a whole had wider appeal than the single components. No one had already realized that Pink Floyd, as musical entirety, had been for years Roger Waters. Unfortunately, this penalized, by some means, the commercial success of the oeuvre. While Gilmour and his band mates, without the bassist, clearly demonstrated a compositional lack, in places embarrassing and unknown to the group’s history, with Amused To Death, Waters kept on building the musical journey started in the ’60. Maybe he brought it toward an accomplishment or, at any rate, toward something hardly insuperable in the world of rock music.

Compared to the former group‘s discography, the sound is tauter and more pressing, less psychedelic, definitely closer to The Wall than to The Dark Side Of The Moon, but with the unmistakable stamp of the greatest rock band of all time.

On one hand Gilmour, Mason and Wright, with their sound, had helped to delineate, as well as Waters, a precise and recognizable identity. On the other hand, the guitarist, with his great style, according with many people, was the group’s voice. We cannot however consider as second choices the names of Tim Pierce, Andy Fairweather Low, Patrick Leonard and Graham Broad; while Jeff Beck, with all the due respect to Gilmour….

To sum up, this work of Roger Waters has to be considered the last record of the Pink Floyd and their (his) umpteenth masterpiece.



Roger Waters
Amused To Death
Total Time 72:38

by Antonello
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