Soulution launches new 3 series


Press release | Soulution is pleased to announce the 2nd generation of its 3 series product lineup. The 2nd generation of the Soulution 3 series products incorporate several new technologies and designs derived from Soulution’s highly praised 5 series and 7 series products.
The new 312 stereo amplifier and 331 integrated amplifier both use a new switched mode power supply for the amplifier section which can output 1’200W continuous power, like the supply for the 311 and 330, but now sports up to 4’200W of peak power for about 5 seconds. The tremendous increase of instantaneous power makes the new 3 series amplifiers sound like a much bigger amplifier. There is more control, more ease, more resolution in the base while the treble and midrange get more refined.
All small signal circuits of the new 3 series products have been optimized to now run with a frequency bandwidth of at least 2MHz which does significantly reduce the phase shifts in the audio leading to an even better definition of the sound stage and provides more focus. Reproducing musical details that are true to life and creating a three-dimensional, spatial sound to deliver a real and emotional listening pleasure.


Soulution 3 series 2nd geration

3 Series product range on its 2nd generation
312 stereo amplifier
326 preamplifier with optional phono and DAC inputs
331 integrated amplifier with optional phono and DAC inputs
350 MC phonostage MC
360 DAC


Soulution 312

312 stereo amplifier
More reserves in the power supply lead to higher load stability and make the 312 stereo amplifier sound even more dynamic than its predecessor. Four new cutting-edge switched-mode power supplies modules deliver up to 4'200 VA peak power. More than 160,000 µF of storage capacitance combined with the high Class A operation results in a nearly infinite impulse response.


Soulution 326

326 preamplifier
A preamplifier should only amplify or attenuate the music signal, not change it in any way. No distortion, no hum or noise. The solution 326 preamplifier elegantly meets these demands and now provides even less phase shift, aka “timing errors”, in the audio band which provides more focus and better sound staging.
Optional DAC and phono stage turn the 326 preamplifier in a versatile source component


Soulution 331

331 integrated amplifier
The 331 integrated amplifier combines the features of the 312 power amplifier and the 326 preamplifier in one chassis. The increased peak power capability of the power supplies combined with the significantly reduced phase shifts in the audio band provide an exquisite sonic experience.
The optional DAC and phono stage turn the 331 integrated amplifier in an ultra high end all-in one audio component. The center of your audio system.


Soulution 350

350 phono stage
Delivering the required gain for vinyl playback while remaining linear and phase-correct, is still a challenging task. The new 350 phono stage masters it with ease. A two stage, active/passive, design equalizes the input signal according to the RIAA specifications. Three wide bandwidth, low noise amplifier stages provide 60dB gain with minimal deviations to the ideal frequency and phase response of the system.


Soulution 360

360 DAC
No amplifier or loud­speaker can ever make good for what has been lost at the source. The quality of the recording and the signal supplier are of fundamental importance in high fidelity. The 360 D/A-Converter does excel at exactly this task. No deletions, no additions! With its four digital inputs – SPDIF, AES/EBU, Network, USB – provides connectivity to a wide selection of digital sources. A powerful DSP converts all incoming digital music signals to the DXD format, performs the zeroPhase processing and the LEEDH volume control. One DAC chip in mono configuration per channel takes care of the digital to analog conversion of the music signals. The internal digital filtering of the chip is bypassed for optimal results. The passive reconstruction filter sports custom made high precision components ensuring stable filter characteristics, prerequisite for a perfect compensation with the zeroPhase technology.

For further info: to Soulution website

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