Stirling Broadcast BBC LS3/6 loudspeakers measurements


Measurement setup

Superlux ECM 999 Microphone

Behringer PS400 Micro Power Phantom Power Supply

in Class II Sound Calibrator PCE-SC41

TRMS PCE-UT 61E Multimeter

HP G62 Notebook

E-Mu Creative Pre Tracker USB 2.0 Audio Interface

Rotel RC 06 Preamplifier

Rotel RB 1070 Power Amplifier

DIY impedance Jig

Voltage probe with an attenuation of 20 dB for the revelation in Dual Channel

Supra Ply 3.4 S Power cable


Measurement software

Arta - Limp - Steps


Official technical specifications:

Manufacturer: Bridgefoot Lodge, Lydford on Fosse, Somerset TA11 7DP UK

Power Handling: 90w continuous,150w short term, IEC268

Max Sound Level: 107dB, pair @2m

Input Impedance: 8ohm nominal

Input connections: Bi-wire, 4mm terminals

Frequency Response: 45Hz to 17kHz +/-3dB(On HF axis @1m)

Sensitivity: 87dB/1watt/1m

Cabinet Dimensions: 30x 63x 30cm,12x24x12" (WxHxD)

LF Drive Unit: SB-4432

HF Drive Unit: SB-4434

SHF Drive Unit: SB-4436

Crossover frequencies: 3kHz, 13kHz

Weight: 18.5kg

Official Italian dealer: to AudioAzimuth website

Official current price in Italy: 3,490.00 EUR


The frequency response, acquired with the method of the "Free Field Response", shows a "canonical" high-pass of about 24 dB/oct and a good extension on the low frequencies. Beyond 700 Hz the trend has a slight decrease, around two-three dB, while in high range, after an emphasis localized between 7 and 10 kHz, a strict and deep depression appears between the emission of the tweeter and the supwertweeter. The sickle shows itself with a maximum attenuation of 8,5 dB cantered at 13800 Hz, cross frequency between the two transducers.
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by Alfredo
Di Pietro
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