Stomu Yamashta | Go - Live from Paris

Hidden Masterpieces

Recorded on 12 June 1976 at the Palais Des Sports in Paris and unanimously considered one of the greatest rock masterpieces, Go is one of the few cases in the history of music where the work has walloped the author as for fame and notoriety. Whilst the vinyl has become a cult object among collectors and enthusiasts all around the world, it's quite hard to find something about Stomu Yamashta on rock dictionaries and encyclopaedias. This, however, is only one of the oddities of this record. In fact, a previous studio release was made, on a single vinyl, with the same title and the same track progression. At that time also the live recording was considered uncommon as well as the composition of the group ensemble. It’s hard to understand what pushed the Japanese percussionist to choose the musicians, but most probably they were the best guys on the market. Of Al Di Meola, at that time only 21, were told sparkles and he was already playing with Chick Corea’s group Return To Forever. A way back, Michael Shrieve had enchanted the world performing with Carlos Santana in Woodstock. Klaus Schulze at the synthesizer was astounding and Steve Winwood, needless to say, was one of the most beautiful voices in the rock music landscape. Furthermore, the second lines were populated with names like the guitarist Pat Thrall, the bassist Jerome Rimson, the percussionist Brother James and Karen Freidman, first chorister voice. And then, there was him, with his big set of percussions, played standing on, and his piano. Calling it a super group would be reductive. Aside from the musicians, the success of Go comes from the beauty of the compositions, music by Yamashta and lyrics by Michael Quaterman. It’s a pity, though, that it has been like the Indian summer. Apart from the realisation of a previous Red Buddha Theatre, there’s nothing more to remember by the Japanese musician. Maybe a later clumsy try-out to repeat the operation Go under the name of Go Too. Paradoxically, and here there's a further oddity, only Go Too has remained in the catalogue and on sale. No traces of the previous two releases.


Stomu Yamashta

Go - Live from Paris



Total Time 64’05’’


by Antonello
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