Systems and Magic BlackNoise Extreme V2 mains filter


I tested the BlackNoise Extreme 500 in 2004. I was one of the first journalists to speak of Systems and Magic: at that time, a young company full of hopes and good will. The hopes turned out to be a splendid reality and the will has remained, so that the Systems and Magic’s products and the BlackNoise mains filters are today well known all around the world.

Eight years have passed, and the BlackNoise line has been updated only once, with the model V2, object of this review. This is because the Italian brand has decided to wait until the certainty of the right improvements in the performances.

In fact, the BlackNoise Extreme V2 shows some substantial developments. I mean, the look is the same and so the top manufacturing quality and the materials: specifically, a blue-grey splendid cabinet in satin-finish brushed aluminium.

The substantial improvements are due to the layout of the components that has been designed to avoid any kind of interferences. Besides, it reduces even more the already reduced noisefloor up to its complete obliteration. The overvoltage protection has been doubled so to guarantee a sure insulation to the devices that are connected. But, the most important thing is the collaboration between Systems and Magic and Ætere’s, another Italian company that deals with the environmental electromagnetic pollution by restoring the biophysical equilibrium, and by fighting and removing the artificial congestions. 

In the last decade, the entire world has witnessed a technologic speed-up that does not offer any possibility of adaptation for the human organism. 

The harmful artificial congestions are produced by always thicker and more developed Wi-Fi networks, telephone boosters, microwaves, air conditioners, TV screens of every type and technology, computers, low consumption lamps and by all the appliances that make soaring the presence of unwanted and damaging electromagnetic effects. 

We are unconsciously surrounded by the congestions that Ætere’s fights by developing new technologies and control systems in order to rebalance the natural equilibrium and the consequent improvement of the quality of life. 

The collaboration between Systems and Magic and Ætere’s aims to integrate mutually their own experiences by widening their own spheres: a joint venture favourable for both of them. 

I make the listening test with the V2 Extreme connected both to my tube and transistor systems and I got some results that share the same confirmation. 

The company suggests inserting the V2 Extreme filter before the digital sources, the preamp and the phono stage. I have personally found it very performing if inserted before the Audio Innovations 500, the transistor preamp and my DIY CD players. I have obtained the best result with the analogue source, though.

Evidently, the traditional power supply of the JA Michell motor needs to be clean, otherwise the feeble signal produced by the pick-up suffers dramatically the improvement given by the clean energy coming from the turntable motor. I have implemented mi systems so to get a limpid sound inside a wide, high and deep image. Therefore, in principle, the insertion of a mains filter should have a relative effect considering my mains filter of 3.500 VA already inserted before all my power supplies. 


Nevertheless, the BlackNoise V2 makes the difference and adds…. better, takes out something. Why taking out? Because it takes out all the impurities that dirty the signal, a signal that we consider clean but is not.

As we are unaware of the presence of the invisible electromagnetic congestions around us, at the same time we are unaware of how much the sound reproduced by our system is “blurred”. Also when we are sure of an absolute limpid system, we have to take into account that it is not. The Extreme V2 connected to my system has made me realize that it is possible to “clean” more and more the audio signal. Amazing!

You can notice the veil in front of the loudspeakers only when this veil disappears. In brief, I noticed the light veil that blurred the sound image of my system only when this veil has fallen down. 

So much the better who, like Systems and Magic, allocates time and money in the research and experimentation. We can take out from our systems the quality we did not think to have. 

Now, in my listening room, I can get a wide and deep soundstage thanks to the fact that the musical window is cleaner.

The most tangible sensation is, however, the improved tonal perception of the instrument or of the recorded voice, which gains a “physical” smoothness, a tonal presence never heard before. I invite all of you to concentrate while listening to the Extreme V2 inserted in your system.

I know what you are thinking: “…so it never ends! Every time there is someone who invents something new...”

But I say: “It is good when someone, maybe with just little money, offers something new and makes us improving the performances of our audio system”.

Moreover, the benefits of the Extreme V2 depends on the number of the filters in use.

I do not want to linger upon detailed listening impressions. With every musical genre, with every components of my system, at every hour the effect is always the same: a better involvement and more satisfaction.

One more thing: of the BlackNoise V2 there are also the variants 500, 1000 and 2500.

Finally, I would like to make a personal consideration that Systems and Magic does not make. Maybe it is just a foolishness, but the BlackNoise V2 filter with my system switched off and with only the power supply in, has generate in my psyche a kind of serenity, relax and sense of well-being. I realized that only when I saw the intense blue led that always remains switched on.

It is only my personal opinion of course, but why not telling you?


Official technical specifications:  to Systems and Magic website

Official Italian dealer: direct sales

Official current price in Italy: 600.00 EUR, 620.00 with US sockets

Associated equipment: to Roberto "The Rock" Rocchi’s system




" sensazione di benessere e serenità anche a impianto spento (ma a V2 acceso), è proprio un effetto della tecnologia Ætere's, neanche tanto collaterale, è un risultato assolutamente voluto."

Roberto Amato, Systems and Magic


by Roberto
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