The Bias of the Crawler


In a cinema of a renowned Italian city, Malick’s movie “The Tree of life” has been projected with reversed parts. Practically, with the second part before the first half. Nobody has realized that and, at the end, the film has received a round of applause.

This fact is intrinsically emblematic of how the art, in this case direct and widespread as the cinematographic, has been suffering the profound damage due to the impolite and ignorant human bias.

It is very easy to live with and sink into the passive positive prejudice towards well-known artists or products, cloaking the intellectual inadequacy that pervades the actual humankind’s cultural situation. Yes, this happens in Italy, but I will not be surprised if this condition was common in many other countries all over the world.

The sense and the discriminatory ability come firstly from the knowledge and the cultural grade. They must be widespread just to avoid a transversal, hence unfair and noxious bias, as it derives from the popular belief and not from the personal education.

Also the world of hi-fi and hi-end is not free from this kind of socio-cultural defect. Owing to a lack of knowledge and background, which allows us to judge autonomously, we often rely on the guru on call who might be conditioned by a well-known brand. He can, therefore, “blur” or “confuse” the bias even in the case of a mediocre model.

Let us take into account also the supposed “placebo effect”, which would surely result less inconsequential if we were all scientifically conscious, therefore more competent under a cultural point of view.

How can we avoid all that?

The simple answers are frequently the more correct ones.

Reading, reading, reading and reading. Inquiring, inquiring and inquiring. Being curious, asking questions, seeking answers. Having an open mind, ready for updating. Critical sense and personal judgment will develop consequently inside all of us.

I am an empirical immune carrier of optimism and, like Diogenes, I pursue the conciliation between man and nature, thanks to the dependency on sensations and feelings, in the belief that every man is the master of his own destiny.

This is true for everything, not only for hi-fi.

by Roberto
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