The Stellavox analogue tape reference recordings experience


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From late 2003 after returning from a four year stint in London and New York I embarked on a very ambitious project - to create my own library of reference recordings which could be used to help develop the ultimate playback system. Over three hundreds concerts were filmed and "Stellavox" recorded from 2004-2011.
Here are free samples of Hi-Rez wav files of these concerts I'd like to share with you.
For the 2003/2004 recordings, you will read [as I'm updating the gear] mics were B&K 4033 [1/2" capsules 200V instrumentation mics] - only a pair straight into Stellavox SM8, then I used the faster B&K 4135 1/4" capsule pair: here you find the 2003/4 Concerts.

For the 2006-2011 recordings, I used either 2 pairs of modified Neumann TLM50s [1 pair in AB - ~4metres apart and 1 pair in XY ~30-40cm apart] or 1 pair Neumann TLM50 and 1 pair Neumann M150 tube version. They would go through a Stellavox AMI48 Mixer [modified] then to the SM8 Tape recorder: here you find the 2006 Concerts with Video.

My first and main machine has always been a Stellavox SM8 [128kHz oscillator] which I purchased directly from Stellavox in 1986, my 2nd machine - Stellavox SU8 [128kHz] and 3/4/5th SM8's were purchased on ebay and refurbished by JP Gurtner in Switzerland before I added my modifications.
Some of these recordings were featured on a DVD which accompanied Roland Schellin's book on Stellavox - Voice of the Stars.
For the interview with Georges Quellet, founder and genius behind Stellavox, click here [~14min mark after interview with watchmaker Peter Speake-Marin]
Here there is the interview with Mark Levinson in New York [Red Rose] talking about how he was inspired by Stellavox.
For my speech on Recording with the Stellavox in Munich, click here.

Some of the full albums can be purchased on iTunes, or actual copies of the original Master Tapes [1/4" 10" reels] can be purchased here from Todor Dimitrov.
Please feel free to distribute these download links as they are for educational and promotional purposes - not for resale.

by Kostas
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