The Top Audio Video Show in Milan could be cancelled or postponed

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After 25 years of great and memorable editions, the Top Audio Video Show, the biggest and most important Italian exhibition for audio, risks an inglorious stop. The news is unofficial, although online rumors give it for certain. In any case, we are waiting for an official confirmation.

The reasons are more than justified: on one hand an unlucky concurrence with the homologous IFA in Berlin, scheduled 6 through 11 September, which will forced many Italian manufacturers to a double somersault with double exhibitions - also budgetary - or to choose between the two.

On the other hand, a stagnant market, ours in particular, inside a generalized crisis, mostly in terms of current assets.

It is easy to say now that it has been too long that the foreign manufacturers, the real brands, and the foreign attendees were deserting the Top Audio show, that the exhibition would have had to "open" before risking the closure. The fact is that now, more than ever, we need new ideas, new business models and an ethic in pricing which considers that the reality, that one you are reading about, is always more online: "virtual", yes, but informed.

Maybe the Top Audio Show will be cancelled or postponed. For sure, it has to "reinvent itself", as always does the Hi-Fi enthusiast, the only one who "will never die".

So, long life to Top Audio Show, in whatever form it will or can affirm again.





April, 15, 2013


Music e musical supports: state of the art

Vinyl sales, streamed digital music, nations with the highest number of illegal downloads: let us refresh our ideas with some numbers.

According to the IFPI data of 2012, there has been a worldwide strong rise in the vinyl sales. The numbers go from 36 million dollars in 2006 to 171 million dollars in 2012. It is a comforting result for us, "tough and pure" audiophiles, isn't it? It depends from each point of view. Consider that this February, the downloads from iTunes Store were already more than 25 billion songs… (source: Apple)

To keep up to date on these and other data of the musical market, download here the most recent Musicmetric Digital Music Index or browse directly on the Musicmetric website.





AAAVT Sonus Mirus 40


March, 25, 2013


AAAVT Sonus Mirus 40. Get Your Zest Back


AAAVT Sonus Mirus 40. So new that, while it is warming up, you can still smell the paint. As soon as it arrived, it was love at first sight. And at first listening. Black, cool, bad. An integrated amp with an amazing peculiarity: it can operate in ultralinear mode or triode and apply or not a relative ratio of counter-reaction. In synthesis: eventually a serious and integralist apparatus, yes, but which you can "play" and have fun with. Yummi! Very soon on ReMusic. Stay tuned....

by Giuseppe
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