Vitus Audio appoints EMD as sales agent for The Americas


Press release | AVA Group A/S from Denmark, owners of the superlative audio electronics brand Vitus Audio, announces that they have engaged Aldo Filippelli and his company Elite Marketing Dynamics, LLC - EMD as their official representative sales agent throughout The Americas: United States, Canada, Caribbean, and Latin America.

EMD shall commence sales of all Vitus Audio products by January 2, 2023; hereby, enabling Vitus Audio to sell directly to accounts managed by EMD, and eliminating the need for a traditional distributor. “EMD and its President Aldo Filippelli have a successful and proven track-record, and offer a diverse level of specialized services for audio companies seeking to establish or improve their brand image, sales, and market presence in The Americas,” says AVA Group’s CEO and co-owner, Alexander Vitus Mogensen.


Vitus Audio equipment

For more than two years EMD has been the official Estelon sales agent and has successfully established the brand and created a healthy dealership network. The cooperation between AVA Group and EMD will solidify Vitus Audio’s brand position in the Americas. As an essential part of the mutual agreement, Mr. Filippelli will hold the position as Vitus Audio’s, VP of Sales and Business Development – The Americas.


Vitus Audio equipment

Filippelli conveys, "Adding Vitus Audio to our sales and marketing responsibilities makes us extremely excited representing a second highly reputable and desirable luxury audio brand opens many additional opportunities for growth. As a forward-facing agent – face of the company – EMD will operate as a brand employee, exactly as we do with Estelon. Through our processes, and our work as Independent Sales Agent, EMD will bring Vitus Audio to our dealer and distributor networks while performing the same roles and responsibilities as actual employees of the companies. EMD works at the highest level and with complete commitment and focus on sales and marketing, social media, PR, customer service, technical service and support, managing product reviews, and more. As such, we are not a traditional representative firm which makes us unique and exceptionally effective at what we do for our brands".


Vitus Audio equipment

Like most high-end products, Vitus Audio was previously sold via distributors. However, AVA Group A/S believes working together with a highly specialized and experienced agent who professionally represents Vitus Audio, facilitates direct-to-dealer sales, and manages the brand’s marketing efforts, will further expand the luxury marque’s success.

Alexander Vitus adds, “Filippelli and the EMD team are exceptional audio industry veterans, having a history of previously running distribution companies and managing sales for top manufacturers, and have proven that their current sales agent model leads to success. We anticipate the cooperation to further strengthen our Vitus Audio brand.”

About Vitus Audio
Vitus Audio started in 1995 with a goal to produce the world's finest high end audio electronics. Their relentless commitment to quality shows in every component they painstakenly design and produce in-house, and the sonic performance is truly second to none. The company believes in a no compromise approach and does not cut corners. Since their inception, Vitus Audio has grown to become one of the absolute premier luxury audio brands, and is amongst a select few as the most desirable in its category for those seeking only the very best.


For further info: to Vitus Audio website

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