What kind of audiophile are you?


The chief image represents the best race of audiophile I know.


In many years of passion for the High-End audio I've really met many kinds of enthusiasts. From this observation comes this article.


I wanted to gather some typologies of strange local animals who wander in shows and trade fairs, who flip over rooms and living rooms, who monopolize homes, discussions and entire family lives bending them to their will.

In the name of the musical event that is reproduced in the domestic environment.


Of course, the most evident absence in the following short profiles is the DIY race, since it's a so noble category and so distant from the market mindsets that I couldn't put it in any case of pure audiophile typology.


All of us, instead, make part of one of this typologies or can identify in more than one depending on the age, on our evolutionary process, on our desires and allures.


So, it's a curios article that I'm writing to make you smile, maybe with gritted teeth for some aspects.

But laughing of our weaknesses is the real strength, isn't it?



Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Photos and images are just representative.


The Retailer > Nomen omen. He purchases good and sells better. He tends to magnify the devices he wants to sell and to underestimate the ones he wants to sell later. He keeps the devices wrapped in cellophane, causing an instinctive repugnance in whoever has got some aesthetic sensitiveness. What he cares it's only the "resellibility"... Basically, he cares nothing for music and Hi-Fi.
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by Giuseppe
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