Matrix Audio integrates HighResAudio


Press release | HighResAudio was able to convince another of the leading and arguably most innovative manufacturers in the modern audio world for its pristine, exquisite, high-resolution streaming service. Matrix Audio has been inspiring and convincing the hi-fi trade press, early adopters, sound specialists and end customers worldwide for the past 10 years now. Matrix Audio lives the zeitgeist of modernity and develops unique hybrid products – DAC, streamers & headphone amplifiers in one product – based on the latest and available technologies and decoder chipsets. Solid workmanship, high-quality materials and a timeless design including an LCD touch screen are the eye-catchers.

For a long time, Matrix Audio was an insider tip among early adopters. With the second generation of the Element series – Element X2, Element M2, Element i2 and X-Sabre 3 – which have been causing euphoria in the hi-fi industry since last year - Matrix Audio is an established and sought-after manufacturer in the medium to high-price segment.


Matrix Audio integrates HighResAudio

Reason enough to further expand the features and music services. With HighResAudio, Matrix Audio focuses on premium sound quality. Thus, the Berlin-based music and sound pioneer HighResAudio has been integrated into the MA Remote 3.0 app. The native implementation of HighResAudio offers Matrix Audio a technical and development independence compared to the use of 3rd party APIs such as Airable, Audivo, StreamingUnlimited or Volumio where HighResAudio is already integrated.
HighResAudio Streaming is available on the second-generation Element series – Element X2, Element M2, Element i2 and X-Sabre 3 – via the MA Remote app. Further and older models from Matrix Audio are planned. A new firmware version will be offered via OTA - Over the air by Matrix Audio from 20 March 2023.

HighResAudio Streaming is aimed at music lovers, audiophiles and Hi-Fi connoisseurs. The aim is to offer a world-class music service outside the mainstream with journalistic expertise, know-how, creativity and passion. Quality control ensures that customers hear or receive only genuine, purest and 100% verified 24-bit.


Matrix Audio integrates HighResAudio

HighResAudio offers three streaming models:

  1. HighResAudio Streaming subscriber for 6 months only 79.00 EUR - 13.16 per month
  2. HighResAudio Streaming subscriber for 12 months only 149,00 EUR - 12,41 per month
  3. HighResAudio Streaming subscription plus 30% flat-rate discount on every album purchased in download for 199,00 EUR - 12 months

HighResAudio Streaming is also available to UK customers, visit our website here for pricing.

A free 7-day trial is available with no obligations. As well as a free desktop app for MacOS and MS Windows.

Matrix special offer: including HighResAudio Streaming subscription
Customers that purchase any 2nd generation Matrix Audio product will receive a free 6 months streaming subscription from HighResAudio. This is a limited offer for purchases in March, April and May 2023. This is exclusive only to customers purchasing from Online store.
About Matrix Audio
Matrix Audio was born in 2009. It is a digital audio company integrating R&D, production and sales. The brand name is derived from the mathematical concept matrix - a numerical arrangement of vertical and horizontal columns. We named the brand Matrix in our constant search for balance between the two dimensions. We define audio products both sonically and aesthetically, and hence underlined our conceptual boards with these factors in mind. Our line-up is designed to excel in audio performance without neglecting design elements so they remain sleek and look part of beautiful homes. Harmony is the goal of our continuous efforts.

About HighResAudio
HighResAudio is a music store that offers exclusively high-resolution 24- bit downloads to own and streaming via subscription of recordings with the highest possible sampling rate, covering all types of music genres. With more than 850,000 tracks on offer, HighResAudio provides a broad range of music for Hi-Fi enthusiasts and music lovers who value and appreciated sound quality. HighResAudio was founded by a team of experienced, visionary and enthusiastic music experts and studio engineers in Germany. The team has harnessed technological advances in the music industry to help music lovers in search of an authentic listening experience. HighResAudio also develops innovative services and applications, creating new business models and opportunities for artists, labels and manufacturer of digital audio products.

For further info:

to Matrix Audio website

to HighResAudio website

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